Swap-Watch - Frequently Asked Questions / Help

How much does it cost to use Swap Watch?

You pay 2.5% of your listing when you register via the secure payment method, and the balance is paid based on the final transaction cost, you will never pay any more than 12.5%. for any Swap Watch sale.

Do you offer Worldwide shipping?

Yes! we are part of a Global Community: Please contact sales@swapwatch.co.uk for terms and delivery charges.

Do you do offer express delivery?

Once the deal is concluded we can offer an express secure delivery, anywhere in the “UK” this will be charged by the post code. Please contact sales@swapwatch.co.uk for further information.

Do you have a shop?

No!, however, we are happy to meet our customers at our office in Beverley, due to security by appointment only.

What happens if my watch goes missing in the post after the transaction is concluded?

All watches sent by Swap Watch after the transaction is concluded is fully insured to the value of the transaction.

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