About Us

Welcome To Swap Watch the place "where times are changing", I'm Robert Ford the founder of Swap Watch and all round watch enthusiast who since 1990 has spent a small fortune on luxury watches, I guess like a lot of people reading this, I've bought, and sold, and part exchanged, and enjoyed every minute of it, the buzz of searching for the next purchase, the latest model, the promise of “never losing money on this one Sir” ,but as weSwap-Watch Offices all know, it comes at a cost!

Whether you are a hedge fund manager or a savvy trader who as traded up, there comes a point when enough is enough, your passion is pushed to the limit, and 3 years later after banging my head on a wall? Swap Watch.

Swap Watch: How It Works

Simple - Transparent - Secure.

1. Simple.

Register and join the global community simply upload 5 good Images (Include the following).

  • A good face shot
  • A picture of the box and papers (If you have them)
  • A picture of the back of the Watch (We will edit out the serial number)
  • Be honest and show a pictures of any wear and tear.
  • One other image which shows your watch in all its glory.

I will need a picture of the serial number for security from your papers or from the booklet, I will check this for authenticity and against the police file for stolen, this image will then be destroyed.

2. Transparent.

Select what you want to do with your watch. Swap - Sell - *Auction.

Swap; And tell the global community what you want to swap it for?, do you have a Rolex and fancy a swap against an Audemars, are you going on holiday and would like something waterproof, or on a rubber strap, are you going to a party and would like a dress watch, like a Cartier, If you are not sure sit back and enjoy looking.

Sell; Decide what you would like for your watch, simply list it, sit back and wait, remember it's a global community so there will always be someone looking for a watch.

*Auction; For those who just want a simple way of cashing in, firstly decide what you want for it, this will be indicated to the buyers, we do not have any secret reserve price, the buyers at all times can see the highest bid, the auction will run for two weeks and then the hammer will come down, highest bid takes it.

*Auctions coming soon, register your details for updates

3. Secure.

All communication for Swap-Sell- *Auction-Buy will come through Swap Watch, no transaction will be completed until we have received both the watch and the money, when we have received the money or the watch you will be notified via your chosen method, we will check the watch against the listing, and do the security check, it is IMPORTANT you are honest when listing the watch.

We have over 30 Years experience so we know what we are looking at, please don't waste peoples time, If we are unhappy with anything the deal will be frozen until its resolved, when we are happy the deal will be concluded, any monies minus the Swap Watch fee will be sent to your nominated bank account securely, and the watch will be sent via Royal Mail special delivery fully insured to the purchase price free of charge by us, both parties will be notified when we complete the payment and the shipping.

Information on sending your watch to Swap-Watch here

If you would like more information contact us on 01482 869443 or complete our online enquiry form here and Swap-Watch will contact you as soon as possible.

Swap-Watch - Where Times are changing

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